ASOC Presents: Robin Hood–The Musical

Robin Hood-The Musical: A Merry Musical Adventure, Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado.


Directed by Astor Street Opry Company veteran Patricia VonVintage, Robin Hood is the outlaw of Sherwood Forest, leading a merry life with his followers. Anyone needing a place to live or food to eat is welcome in the greenwood. Impoverished citizens led by Robin are waging a battle against the evil Prince John. He has taken the place of King Richard the Lion-Hearted, who has gone on a crusade. Lady Merle of Cornwall, however, hopes to make John more acceptable to the people of England by forcing Maid Marian, Robin’s childhood sweetheart, to marry the Prince. It’s up to Robin to stop the marriage, defeat a nasty sheriff and secure Nottingham for the king’s return.

Performances are Saturdays and Sundays at 2 pm February 16th-March 3rd.


Beth: Carlie Vineyard
Mother Meg: Lexi Reibold
Little John: Nathan Jagger
Old Widows: Neveah Miehe, Candace Rowland, Miriam Alcala
Will Scarlet: Landon Reed
Robin Hood: Frank Rizzi
Friar Tuck: Dallen Caulder
Sheriff: Robin Buckingham
Lady Merle: Molly Lindstrom
Annabel: Soleil Rathmell-Stokes
Maid Marian: Brooklyn Boggs
Lady Melora: Melora Grenier
Lady Aubrey: Aubrey Paz
Lady Sophia: Sophia Gochis
Sheriffs Wife: Azaria Damghani
Salome: Teagan Barela
King Richard Lionhart (Stranger): Caleb Vineyard
Kasper: Nicholas Sturdivant
Sir Knight Rivers: Rivers Huff
Sir Knight Jonah: Jonah Griffin
Soldier Forrest: Forrest Whiting
Soldier Gavin: Gavin Vineyard
Soldier Casey: Casey Dopp
Townspeople/Fair Entertainers: Brody Jones, Leonard Hoge, Brodie Troffer, Viola Phillips, Lily Reed

The Real Lewis and Clark Story is back at ASOC beginning March 29th!

The Real Lewis and Clark Story is back!

IT HAS RETURNED! Yes, it is time again for ASOC’s 9th REAL LEWIS AND CLARK STORY (or How FINNS Discovered ASTORIA) coming up March 29th, running for 10 performances, March 29th through April 20th at the ASOC Playhouse, 129 W. Bond Street in Uniontown, Astoria.

The REAL LEWIS AND CLARK STORY is brought to you by Corps of Discovery Construction, LLC, veteran-owned and licensed contractor in Oregon and Washington.

ASOC is very proud of this original historical, hysterical, musical melodramas featuring the lost story of how Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and their Corps of Discovery really came to end of the trail. And how they were rescued by the true heroes of the Pacific Northwest, two boys from the Old Country, Minnesota, who showed up in time to save the day! (with the help of their Mama, of course). Written by Judith P. Niland, with original music by Drs. Stanley Azen and Joyce C. Niland and Professor Philip Morrill, the 2019 edition of The Real Lewis and Clark Story is directed by ASOC veteran Jayne Osborn.

Meet Captain Bobby Gray, Miss Jaynie Barnes, the Svenson Sisters, the Brave Indian Guide Sacagawea, the crew of the Corps of Discovery and a whole cast of colorful characters as we witness our courageous heroes forge their way with dedication and commitment from Saint Charles Missouri to the Oregon Pacific Coast. Walk in their footsteps as they battle the wilds of nature, evil villains and suffering great tragedy without ever losing their beer supplies! Then, watch with awe as they come to the gallant rescue of Captains Meriwether Lewis & William Clark and the Corps of Discovery reaching the end of the Pacific trail first to settle the little city on the mouth of the Columbia River they named “ASTORIA” in honor of their relative, John Jacob Svenson-Astor.

The Cast:
William Clark- Julien Thomas
Meriwether Lewis- Todd Williams
Krooke- Dawson Yukon Shadd
Sneake- Stephanie Osborn
Sven- Zachary Sandoval
Ole- Nate Bucholz
Sergeant Gass- Jonathan Osborn
Jayne Barnes-Ashley Mundel
Clarabelle- Rachel Schack
Fifi- Jaime Baird
Mama- Chrislynn Taylor/Beth Beauparland
Sisters (To Be Assigned) – Lexi Blacksten, Beth Beauparland, Megan Hemmila, Brooklyn Boggs, Pam Chestnut
Labiche- Jason Hippert
Cruzette- Jaime Baird
Joseph Fields_TBD
Rueben Fields-TBD
George Shannon-TBD
Charboneau- Travis Boggs
Captain Robert Gray- Adam Haase/TBD
Sacagawea- Pam Chestnut/Lora Posey
Park Ranger- Patricia Willis

Performances are at 7 pm Fridays and Saturdays with 2 pm Sunday matinees on April 7th and 14th. Tickets are $20 for front row seats, $15 for all others, children 12 and under $10. We also have $10 Fridays, where all seats are $10
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