Topsey Turvey Shanghaied returns October 4th!

Topsey Turvey is back in October!

The 2019 cast of the 35th Season of SHANGHAIED IN ASTORIA is coming together one last time to bring you the most outrageous, original, entertaining event this side of Vernonia! The ASOC is pleased to present the 13th (almost) Annual TOPSEY TURVEY SHANGHAIED!!! Experience the surprise of seeing your favorite cast regulars in a roles you would never expect for TWO NIGHTS ONLY on October 4th & 5th at our ASOC Playhouse, 129 West Bond Street, Uniontown, Astoria. Show time is 7:00 pm with the doors open at 6:30 pm to start off this fine evening of cultural uplifting entertainment.

Our Topsey Turvey cast includes:

Krooke: Patricia VonVintage
Sneake: Mae Loya
Eric: Ashley Mundel
Virginia: Taz Davis
Yakko: Lexi Blacksten
Eino: Maddison Ferguson
Miss Macie: Adam Haase
Mark Castle: Stephanie Osborn
Mama: Rusty House
Capt. Jack: Beth Beauparland
Grete: Zack Nethercot-Sandoval
Anna: Jon Osborn
Merit: John Howe
Sigrid: Julien Thomas
Vivian: Dawson Yukon Shadd
Wong Long: Elsa Nethercot
Pat: Mary Kathleen
Mike: Elsa Nethercot
MC: Dida Diangelis

Yes, it is SHANGHAIED like you’ve never seen it… GIRLS PLAYING GUYS…AND GUYS…..well… ATTEMPTING TO PLAY GIRLS! This is a fundraiser to help support our community theatre. It keeps the lights on, the doors open and the POPCORN popping. Get your tickets today by clicking here.

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