North Coast Chorale of Astoria mini concert October 3rd

The Astor Street Opry Company is pleased to partner with the North Coast Chorale of Astoria to present a concert in the parking lot of our ASOC Playhouse October 3rd at 1 pm, weather permitting. This is a free show, and we will also broadcast it via our FM transmitter at 88.3 FM, so you can listen in your car in the vicinity of our playhouse at 129 W. Bond Street in Uniontown, Astoria. This will be a 45 minute mini-concert, socially distanced and masked, with a brief repertoire of North Coast Chorale favorites from all genres, including Pop, Jazz, Gospel and Choral standards of Bach and Lauridsen.

Thank you very much to Astoria’s Liberty Theatre for their sponsorship. Both ASOC and NCC really appreciate it!

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